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  • Physician Management Services
    Physician Management Services Our physician management services provide unsurpassed medical billing and account receivables management to growing physician groups, hospitals, and radiology and anesthesia practices.
  • Hospital Management Services
    Hospital Management Services Our comprehensive hospital management services allow physicians and hospitals to focus on what matters most—caring for their patients’ health.

Physician Management Services

Allegiance Billing & Consulting, LLC

provides unsurpassed medical billing and account receivables management to growing physician groups, hospitals, radiology and anesthesia practices.

Our client base includes over 350 physicians across all specialties.

We process over $100 million in billings annually and consistently attain a minimum 95% net collection ratio.

Why do such a wide range of professionals choose Allegiance to handle their account receivables? In addition to our cutting edge technology, depth of experience, and on-site credentialing department we believe communications is the key to our success.

Elimination of patient confusion about the status of their account is a priority. The biller assigned to your receivable will promptly and courteously answer phone calls. Correspondence and phone contacts are documented in our system, changes in financial class are performed immediately, and the appropriate claim routine is initiated that day. We recognize the importance of public relations and professionalism when dealing with patients, insurance carriers, and staff. Our staff members are carefully trained and are not assigned to answer the phones until they have satisfactorily completed our rigorous training program.

Our Practice Management Services

have placed us in the forefront of account receivables management.

Given the opportunity to meet with you we would be very happy to detail the specific procedures and services that we use to meet the high standards that our clients expect.

Some of the typical steps in our practice management services include:

  • Credentialing
  • Fee Analysis & Review
  • Coding
  • Charge Controls
  • Accounts Receivables Evaluations
  • Communications with Patients and Third-Party Carriers
  • Insurance Claims Submissions
  • Third-Party Carriers, Follow-Up, and Collections
  • Billing and Follow-Up Process
  • Claims Appeals
  • Client Meetings
  • Security Cash Receipts
  • Reporting

Our Consulting Services include

  • Re-engineering the business office
  • Quality Assurance Program Development & Implementation
  • Expense Management & Cost Controls
  • Accounts Receivable Management Audit
  • Coding Audit
  • Fee Schedule Analysis with Recommendations
  • Credentialing
  • Billing System/Billing Vendor Evaluation or Selection

Hospital Management Services


Self Pay Outsourcing

We will review and screen all self-pay receivables for third-party coverage, as well as potential eligibility for any government programs.


Accounts Receivable Management

We are able to customize programs to manage receivables by utilizing our own proprietary system or by working from your patient accounting system. Our staff has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges business offices face. They keep abreast of all issues and policy changes that affect the healthcare reimbursement world. That is why we can offer our clients an extensive and flexible project plan that can be customized.


Medicaid & Patient Advocacy

Through this line of service, we provide an on-site presence, as needed, while our back office conducts a thorough review of available information and works with the patient to complete the process for Medicaid, SSI, or Charity Care (the New Jersey Hospital Care Payment Assistance Program).


Electronic Review

Many clients benefit greatly from our electronic review services. We conduct a thorough review of our clients’ bad debt and Charity Care accounts. Through this process, not only do we uncover “found” money (good Medicaid, Medicare, and Charity Care) but also we are able to identify trends in your self-pay flow. We provide the billable and untimely accounts and the major issues we uncovered that may identify process issues from the front end and throughout the revenue cycle.


Custom Revenue Consulting

We also conduct special projects for clients who are concerned about specific problem areas in their revenue cycle. For these clients, we work to customize a strategic team who conducts a thorough analysis to uncover issues and provide a reasonable and practical approach to addressing any issues that are found.


Denial Management

Allegiance provides a thorough review, analysis, and remediation of appeals for our provider clients. We utilize data from every available resource to submit the appeals. Retrospectively, we assess all actions that affected the denial to determine the root cause, which ultimately reduces future denials.